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Grotal Offers 250 for free advertisement.
Loyalty bonus on every payment.

Low Cost Advertising


The essence of low cost advertising is to focus on that specific customer who is already looking for the product or service YOU want to sell. Presenting your case in his bedroom, on the net, 24/7 is a bonus.


On Grotal you can do this for as little as Rs 10 per keyword a day. Grotal permits you to advertise in two ways:-

    Keyword Advertising

  • In the city of your business, you can opt to be seen right on top of your competition for the specific product/service the Customer is looking for.      Click here to See Sample

    Banner Advertising
  • You may choose to showcase your business in banner form on the right of all pages for any/many cities). As long as that city is selected, the customer may be looking for anything, you will be showcased. This will cost a little, depending on the population of the city. Of course the number of people seeing you will be much more.       Click here to See Sample

    Banner Location : Left side of grotal search result page

    Banner Size : 172×90

    Keyword : Banner is not keyword based, it is city based.

    Cities : You can show your banner in multiple cities.

    Price : Depends on the Group of cities you choose.


    • Ravi Malhotra wants his banner to be shown in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Agra, Baddi for 60 days
    • Delhi falls in Group 1 and costs 200 Rs a day
    • Mumbai falls in Group 2 and costs 100 Rs a day
    • Pune falls in Group 3 and costs 50 Rs a day
    • Agra and Baddi falls in Group 4 and each costs 15 Rs a day Total Costs :
    (200(delhi) × 60(days))   +
    (100(Mumbai) × 60(days)) +
    (50(pune) × 60(days))    +
    (30(Agra and Baddi) × 60(days)) = 22,800 Rs to pay. Click here to View Rate List

  To help you in advertisement, please feel free to contact us at   099 14 77 88 99, 099 14 11 11 22
    Initial bonus
  • Advertise on Grotal and get Rs. 250 worth advertisement free as initial bonus.

    Loyalty Bonus
  • Get Loyalty Bonus on each payment for advertisement.
    • 1% over the amount greater than 1000 /-
    • 2% over the amount greater than 2000 /-

    • 10% over the amount greater than 10,000 /-
    • Thereafter, you will get 10% added to your A/c for every rupee you spend on Grotal. Grotal welcomes you to the world of low cost advertisement.