5 Best Unmarried Premium Insurance Plans Inwards India

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5 Best Single-Premium Insurance Plans inward India:  A single insurance endowment plan is a one-time payment insurance policy that has been created for customers who attain non desire to suffer the hassle of keeping a tab on the excogitation too making regular periodic payments. This type of excogitation tin live termed every bit a “fill it, near it, forget most it” type of policy. Here, you lot construct 1 large payment, larn the possessor of a single premium policy, too and so forget most it until the term of the policy expires.

When attain you lot actually require a unmarried premium policy?

There are a lot of life insurance agencies that furnish a unmarried insurance policy. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot of us prefer making an investment when nosotros come upwards across a large amount of money. This could come upwards inward the shape of a yearly bonus, an investment payout, or fifty-fifty a solid unit of measurement inheritance. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 large amount of coin comes every bit a skillful investment chance too a unmarried insurance excogitation is a skillful road to take. This tin too live used for availing taxation benefits when you lot file your taxes towards the cease of the financial year. You are entitled to an exemption of upwards to Rs.1.5 lakhs.
Also, the psyche attain goodness of a unmarried insurance excogitation is that you lot attain non get got to e’er worry most your policy getting lapsed. As a large unmarried amount has been paid every bit a premium for the policy, the excogitation volition non require additional payments to live made towards the premium. As this is the case, you lot volition non get got to e’er worry most the policy lapses due to a missed payment apart from other reasons.

Let us straight off accept a await at the transcend five unmarried insurance plans that are offered inward India:

  • LIC’s Jeevan Vriddhi: The Jeevan Vriddhi plan offered yesteryear LIC is a premium endowment excogitation that offers lead a chance comprehend which is a multiple of the premium that is chosen yesteryear you. This plans offers a set out of benefits alongside Loyalty Addition too Guaranteed Maturity Sum beingness the most evident ones.
Time Period 10 years
Entry Age Minimum-Maximum 8-50 years
Sum Assured (Minimum) Rs.1,50,000
Sum Assured (Maximum) Nil
Minimum Premium available Rs.30,000
  • Aegon Religare iMaximize Single-Premium Insurance Plan: Reap investment benefits yesteryear making a one-time payment for this plan. Aegon Religare iMaximize unmarried insurance plan provides three dissimilar choices of investment funds that assist inward maximizing your funds. There are no resources allotment charges too so in that place are to a greater extent than funds that are made available for dissimilar investment purposes. You tin pick out to pick upwards this investment excogitation when choosing a life insurance policy every bit this excogitation doubles every bit an insurance policy.
Time Period 5 or 10 years  
Entry Age Minimum-Maximum 8-60 years  
Maturity Age Minimum-Maximum 18-65 years  
  Entry Age Term of the Policy
Available Policy Term Equal or earlier 50 years 10 years
  Post 50 years 5 years
  Lesser than 45 years More than or equal to 45 years
Minimum Sum that is assured 125% of the unmarried premium 110% of the unmarried premium
Minimum Premium Rs.1,00,000  
  • ICICI Prudential iAssure Single-Premium Insurance Plan: This is a unmarried premium endowment plan. This excogitation is all most tradition too does non get got whatsoever bonus facilities. This excogitation is similar to the other plans that are mentioned here. You are required to construct a one-time lump amount payment that would allow the policy to decease on for the entire tenure of the policy. A Guaranteed Maturity Benefit is provided to the policyholder at the cease of the tenure too if the policyholder survives for the tenure of the policy. However, if the policyholder meets alongside an early on too unforeseen death, too so the nominee of the policyholder volition larn the higher value betwixt Guaranteed Maturity Benefit too Sum Assured.
Duration 5 or 10 years  
  Duration inward years Age inward years
Minimum Age 5 13
  10 8
Maximum entry age 70 years  
Minimum entry age 18 years  
  Duration inward years Age inward years
Age at maturity 5 75
  10 80
Minimum amount that is Assured 125% of unmarried premium  
  Age at entry Sum that is assured
Maximum amount that is assured Up to 55 years 500%
  56-70 years 125%
Minimum Premiums Rs.20,000  
  • Max New York SMART Steps Single-Premium Insurance Plan: This is an endowment plan that is aimed at making the lives of children a lot better. It is mainly aimed at planning too providing for the financial needs of children.
Life insured Parent  
Age of the insured 21-50 years  
Age of the child 91 days-15 years  
Maximum Maturity (Life insured) 60 years  
  Minimum Maximum
The term of the policy 10 years 25 years
  Band 1 Band 2
Premium Bands Rs.50,000-Rs.2,99,999 Rs.3 lakhs too above
The amount that is assured 5 times the Single Premium  
Minimum Premium Rs.50,000  
Charges for allocation Depends on the premium construct that is chosen  
  • HDFC Life Single Premium Pension Super: This is a ULIP policy that generates corpus over the term of the policy which would attain a post-retirement income.
Time period 10 years  
Entry Age (Minimum) 40 years  
Entry Age (Maximum) 75 years  
  Minimum Maximum
Maturity Age 18 years 65 years
Maturity Benefits 101% of unmarried premium made  
Keep inward hear that apart from financial stability, a unmarried premium excogitation too offers taxation benefits too is solely available inward the start year. You too ensure that you lot are making exercise of whatsoever lump amount of coin that is lying simply about without simply letting it rot inward your piggy bank. The set out of dissimilar unmarried insurance plans offered yesteryear insurance agencies is never lacking. You tin too take in a policy aggregator website like bankbazaar.com to compare too cheque dissimilar policies too pick out 1 that matches your needs too requirements perfectly.