What is the Alter G Treadmill?

FDA cleared and built on NASA technology,
the Alter G treadmill allows you to run or walk
at a fraction of your body weight. Leading medical
professionals are using the Alter G to help their
patients recover faster and have a smoother
return to activity. Top athletes and teams are using
the Alter G to recover and train smarter, thus reducing
the frequency of training injuries, while still building
fitness and speed.

What are the benefits?

• Strengthens and improves coordination of muscles.
• Reduces joint pain and protects against degeneration.
• Allows for cardiovascular training without physical stress.
• Improves recovery time from injury or surgery.
• Compliments traditional training  to avoid overuse injury.
• Reduces ground resistance for enhanced speed training.
• Allows those with limitations to exercise more effectively.

How can it help me?

The Alter G allows the individual to reduce gravity while
walking or running. This makes the person lighter and
therefore allows them to move more easily, with greater
speed, and without physical strain.

Alter G Treadmill Training


  • Andrea L. - 32 y.o. Teacher

    This treadmill is by far the greatest invention! As a long distance runner, I have had my experience in running through different settings indoors and out but the constant impact on my knees began to take a toll. When I discovered the Alter- G Treadmill and the unique feature it had to lift my body weight to a minimum 10%, I went to use it immediately and I have been addicted ever since. Whenever I feel the pain on my joints about to creep up or I want to use the treadmill to prevent any other further injuries, I go to it. It has become a part of my rehabilitation and my workout routine.

  • Larry S. - 65 y.o. Retired

    The Alter G Treadmill is an incredible and exhilarating machine. From entering into the chamber to the feeling of uplifting air ducts, the treadmill made me believe I was floating on air. The Alter-G has many uses but, for myself, I normally use the treadmill to walk and incorporate the occasional jog. However, beyond its many benefits, I truly enjoy the surreal experience of no gravity. I would encourage everyone to try it and feel it for themselves.

  • Alex C.- 36 y.o. - Finance Professional

    As a novice runner with low back pain I was finding it increasingly difficult to continue running on a treadmill without waking up the next morning in terrible pain.  This made running a chore and something I was no longer able to do until I discovered the Alter G at Amplitude.  Since stating to run on the Alter G I’m able to take the pressure off my lower back by running at 80% of my body weight.  This amazing tool allows me to run again without any of the negative effects that I normally feel on a regular treadmill.  I would highly recommend this tool to anyone that experiences any pain during their cardiovascular exercise.