What is Nutritional & Lifestyle Coaching?

Our Nutritional & Lifestyle Coaching service is designed to nurture every part of your being because the love and care that you give your total self today - is what matters most in the prevention of disease and the quality of your life for the future.  Cydya is passionate about and grateful for the opportunity to assist her clients push beyond their self-imposed boundaries to reach their goals for a happy, healthy, and wonder-filled life.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Feel Good
  • Work to Attain and Maintain Desired Weight
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Minimize Effects of Osteoporosis and Joint Pain
  • Heal From Illness
  • Make Informed Food Choices
  • Improve Personal Relationships
  • Set and Reach Desired Goals
  • Create a More Balanced & Healthy  Life.

How Will This Program Help Me?

Every part of you is made from the food you eat and presently we live in a “Toxic Food Environment”.  The quality of the food that you choose to consume
greatly affects your Body’s ability to maintain a strong immune system, your Mind’s ability to expand and function creatively, and your Spirit’s ability to actualize and enjoy the human experience.

Services Offered

  • Individualized  Program Design
  • One-on-one Health Counseling & Support sessions
  • Couples/Partners Health Counseling & Support sessions
  • Group Health Counseling & Support Sessions  (Designed for friends, family and co-workers)
  • Natural Whole Foods Consulting
  • Food
  • Wellness Lectures and Seminars
  • Recipes

Nutritional & Lifestyle Counseling


  • Ruth, NY, NY

    I have lost 10 pounds!  I've just made my Quinoa this morning for the first time and LOVED it! I swim now regularly.  I am much more conscious of diet products with artificial sweeteners and try very hard to avoid them.  I find that I am more focused on working the positive and not emphasizing weakness.  Thanks Cydya for helping me make this possible for myself.  You have been gentle, directed and generous and you have that spectacular skill that soothed my soul when I might be feeling discouraged.

  • Jeanne - Westchester, NY

    Luckily my health and well being have always been good but I now have a much better understanding of how food and lifestyle can impact one's health and wellbeing.  I always thought my energy level was totally based on my animal food intake and have been happy to learn that I can eat more grains and veggies and have plenty of energy.  Thanks for being so easy to talk to, so warm and so are a ray of light, positive energy and support.

  • Lisa - Boston, MA

    I have been taking more time for me...learning to meditate, doing some journaling about my thoughts and dreams.  Thanks for helping me to realize that this is really important to my life and to achieving my goals.  I am finding myself looking forward to making my own meals out of fresh, unprocessed food instead of eating out so much and also eating so much junk -- WOW!!!  I never thought this would happen since I am such a workaholic career girl.  My boyfriend and my mom are so impressed with me.  Thanks for all your wisdom and support.

  • Karen - NY, NY

    I felt connected immediately to the vibrancy and gentleness of your spirit.  I looked forward to each session to learn something new to try, whether it was a recipe for roasted vegetables or how to give a presentation at work. Your recommendations were valuable and shared from a place that was real and genuine.  Thank you for a wonderful experience.

  • Hope and Bill - New Mexico

    The Whole Foods store tour you took us on was great - so Bill and I finally started sharing the food shopping chore and the cooking too, especially since we get such good and simple recipes from you. I did not imagine in a million years that I would learn so much – or share so much about myself- and I never thought I’d like the phone sessions.  Bill was always the talker but now we have these HUGE discussions after your calls... and we love planning our meals.  We both like the Call Focus Form you started using because it really helps us stay on point.  Thanks so much for always listening… you hear everything – even what we don’t say.