Why Vibration Training?

Among the most detrimental effects of aging is the
loss of lean muscle (referred to as "sarcopenia").
With this process comes a loss of strength and
mobility, weight gain and reduced ability to burn fat,
reduced bone density, joint arthritis and pain,
balance issues, and circulatory problems. Through
the " whole body" impact of Vibration Training,
research has shown that you can address ALL of
these issues at once. Best of all, a full training
program only requires 10-15 minutes of training, 3x/

What are the benefits?

  • Improved Muscle Strength and Tone
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Weight Loss
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Reduced Low Back Pain
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Balance and Reduced Fall Risk
  • Improved Circulation and Lymphatic Mobility

How can it help me?

The growing body of research suggests that Vibration Training has profound effects on muscle and bone. The preservation of  these two elements while aging is vital for maintaining health, mobility, and independence.

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Vibration Training Programs: Aging


  • Cydya S. - 50 y.o. - AADP & Lifestyle Coach

    What I love about my sessions at Amplitude Vibration Studio is first and foremost, the embracing and understanding staff! The great lengths each trainer takes to have me better acquainted with the machine’s vibratory effects on my nervous and auto immune system has been very beneficial. I would never have received this kind of one-on-one attention in a sports club or gym where the focus is mostly on fitness.  While I do think that fitness is important, I wanted to be able to treat my condition (osteoporosis) while getting fit at the same time. Being a busy person, like the so many of us that are, time is definitely a factor and the sessions are only 30 minutes.

  • Alice C. - 84 y.o. - Retired

    I have had balance problems for the past three years and have been treated by various individuals without much noticeable improvement. Since I began Vibration Training approximately six months ago, I have noticed a significant change in my endurance, my walking (without weaving side to side) and my the ability to take longer strides.  Now more than ever, I choose to climb stairs more often than just taking the elevator and, my overall strength in my body has improved my posture.  Admittedly, I do still carry a walking stick but, rather than using it constantly, I just hold it for whenever I feel my balance is truly off however, that is very rare.

  • Lily S. - 82 y.o. - Retired

    At the age of 82, my legs didn’t want to work anymore and my walking declined rapidly. It was recommended that I consider spinal surgery, but because I was not in pain, I tried a conservative route. This led me to Amplitude Vibration Studio and the Vibraflex platform. In only a few sessions, I began to feel as if my legs were better connected and my walking began to improve dramatically. I use vibration training once a week and although I should use it more, it is enough to keep me moving. I fully recommend this to anyone!

  • Ellen H. - 68 y.o. - Social Worker

    Having the opportunity to incorporate Vibration Training into my routine has benefited me and brought about positive results which have been wonderful. The training has targeted different parts of my body but even more so, it has an overall positive muscular and nerve stimulator; it enhanced the workout experience tenfold.

  • Blanche S. - 73 y.o. - Educator

    When I started using whole body vibration I was unsure if it would help me. I no longer doubt its benefits; the terrible pains I had in my feet have diminished enormously, I would say about 90 percent. And after using it I feel energized, stronger and light. It’s rather amazing.