Why Vibration Training?

When it comes to the athlete, Vibration Training

can provide an array of valuable benefits.

Not only is Vibration Training a clinically proven

method to improve speed and power development,

but it has also been shown to enhance flexibility

and circulation. This translates into not only sports

performance gains, but an increased rate of recovery from

training and reduced injury risk.

What are the benefits?

  • Improve Circulation to Tight Muscles
  • Flush out Metabolic Waste
  • Improve Flexibility and Joint Mobility
  • Improved Muscle Strength and Tone
  • Prevent Joint Stiffness
  • Reduce Pain
  • Enhance Post-Training Recovery time

How Can it Help Me?

Vibration Training not only enhances muscle power, but also optimizes your recovery from sport. This leads to better performance while also ensuring that the body is constantly returns to a state of balance after training. The result is the ability to, train harder and enhance performance without the risk of overuse injury.

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Vibration Training Programs: Athletic Recovery


  • Filip V. - 34 y.o. - Diplomat

    While preparing for the NYC marathon in the fall of 2009, I sustained a knee injury and was referred to Amplitude Studio where I was introduced to the vibration platform. At first I was a little skeptical about its potential impact, but I immediately noticed a significant improvement in the reduction of pain and inflation after just standing and doing different weight bearing exercises on the platform. This allowed me to recover in time for the marathon. I strongly recommend vibration treatment to any runner with a knee injury!

  • Chris B. - 56 y.o. - Nurse

    I am a competitive runner having raced countless long distance races. Over the years the miles took a toll on my body and had left me to repair my meniscus. My surgeon recommended finding a place in which I could recover in an accelerated pace for after my operation. After visiting Amplitude Studio, the staff initially recognized my rehab needs and incorporated vibration training into my recovery. Along with strength training, stretches, and therapeutic positions, I was racing in Central Park 4 months later.

  • Judy A. - 66 y.o. - Educator

    After doing a whole body vibration exercise, I notice that I move more freely and with less pain. I can feel that muscles have been stretched and I notice that my range of motion has been increased, particularly in problem areas. My step is much lighter. As I combine whole body vibration with stretching, I can see ongoing improvement and anticipate a level of flexibility and strength that I have not felt for too long a time.

  • Jeremy D. - 36 y.o.- Trainer

    I have been exposed to intense training throughout my years of sports and lifting but, nothing compares to what I had found at Amplitude Studio. The workouts not only maintained my muscle mass but increased their size (something which beforehand, I had lost a substantial amount due to over training). With each session I have noticed an increase in my tolerance for weight bearing exercises and any soreness I experienced initially has faded. This equipment is great to add onto any resistance exercises not to mention all the other health benefits it holds.