Why Vibration Training?

Through its unique ability to create a heightened

degree of muscle activity, Vibration Training allows

for a safe and effective means to expend energy,

burn calories, and promote positive changes in body

composition. This helps promote healthy weight

loss. It only requires 10-20 minutes, 3x/week.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved Muscle Strength and Tone
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Weight Loss
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Reduced Low Back Pain
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Balance and Reduced Fall Risk
  • Improved Circulation and Lymphatic Mobility

How can it help me?

By superimposing vibration on traditional exercises, you are able to not only burn more calories, but also utilize more muscle tissue. This means that you can exercise more effectively and see greater results in a shorter period of time. In two recently published studies, where vibration training and traditional training methods were compared, the Vibration Training group had a greater reduction in body fat.

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Vibration Training Programs: weight loss


  • Lyss S.- 29 y.o. Marketer

    A month ago, I was brought in to Amplitude Studio by one of my closest friends who had heard about it from one of her friend. I will admit I was skeptical about a 20 minute workout that would work. I thought to myself “Impossible! No way!” Then, after some convincing I said to myself “Okay, I will give it a shot”.  Here I am, a month later, three mornings a week for 20 minutes and I am down a pant size. For me, this accomplishment is huge and I am actually feeling better. The staff truly takes a new meaning onto caring about their clients. They do not take NO for an answer and for that, they make working out fun, new, challenging and exciting!

  • Mary Z. - 35 y.o. Office Manager

    After giving birth to two boys two years apart, I had gained a considerable amount of weight much of which did not come off but was eventually put off by my inability to deal with it. However, four months ago I was told about Vibration Training and the new way it could boost my fitness. Now, with two very hyper boys, work, and running a home (much of which a lot of women could relate) it was hard for me to incorporate a workout that would be quick enough to do and see results. Dedicating myself to three times a week and just for twenty minutes, the vibration training gave me a bargain! Not only did I feel the difference in my strength and endurance (especially, when playing with my sons) but, I saw the difference. I lost inches from my waist and arms in turn, building lean muscle. I’m sure everyone is tired of the gimmicks out there in the world but vibration training I swear by. It really works.

  • Alex I. - 18 y.o. Student

    I’m not the athletic type but, exercise was something I really needed. I started vibration training because of my mom and her insistence that I begin to do a workout that would act on all my muscles. The first time I tried the vibrations I was surprised. The contractions of my muscles from head to toe and the workout within the half an hour that it took made me sweat like as if I was in gym practice all day. After consistently training with the staff at the studio, I had seen a dramatic difference in my body, to the point that I lost weight. It is a great machine and something anyone can do.

  • Amy P. - 42 y.o. Lawyer

    Everyone knows you need dieting and exercise to lose weight but, for me, the exercising was what I struggled with for years. I never cared for the long hours and no result game that I had been playing so, when I began vibration training at Amplitude I didn’t expect for it to work, let alone have me lose the weight. Between the short spurts of exercise which jolted my body, the expertise of the trainers, and the machines themselves the whole concept of the studio helped me to do it, to lose the weight. I lost ten pounds in just a few weeks with hardly any effort. I couldn’t ask for a better place to find advice, support, and knowledge about the mind, body, and overall health. Thanks Amplitude!