What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an ancient system of exercises designed to prevent and cure disease. Its practice promotes health, inner peace and longevity. The exercises are designed to develop internal awareness and harmony (between the mind and body) and external harmony (between the body and the world around us).

What are the Benefits?

  • Improves Posture
  • Improves Strength & Flexibility
  • Facilitates Better Balance
  • Strengthens Joints & Connective Tissues
  • Improves Circulation
  • Builds stamina
  • Cutivates wellness and harmony
  • Reduces stress

How Can it Help Me?

Tai Chi will improve your life and allow you to maintain a more harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit. This practice can be adopted

for the physically challenged and practiced by all age groups.

Tai Chi


  • Barbara B. - 74 y.o

    I signed up for Tai Chi after my Physical Therapist convinced me that I needed to not only improve the mobility of my low back, but also improve my level of “mindfulness” so as to reduce stress. After getting comfortable in the class, I soon realized that Tai Chi was not only a great workout, but also did create an incredible state of calmness both while I was practicing  and afterwards. I feel less stressed, more mobile, and much more in tune with my body. Thanks Karen!

  • Laura S. - 61 y.o.

    I signed up for Tai Chi after a fall because my doctor felt it would help my balance. Not knowing much about it and a bit apprehensive, Karen quickly eliminated my fears and guided me through a safe and comfortable session. I was hooked after that and have since attended her class each week. 3 months later, not only is my balance better, but my neck pain is eliminated and I have much greater flexibility.

  • Linda N. - 72 y.o.

    Nothing could give me more pleasure than writing to tell you that you and your class are life-changing.  Knowing nothing about tai chi, I was hesitant about taking the class.  From the first day you've made me feel welcome and able to overcome my self-consciousness about my beginner status.  It doesn't take long to realize that you are truly kind, compassionate, and endlessly patient. I know it is your goal to empower us to improve our energy and cultivate calmness on our own and so I have tried in little ways to incorporate your teachings into my daily life.  It takes a lot of focusing.  Some days are better than others - Tuesdays are always wonderful.  I come away from class energized and centered and feeling that all is well with the world.