What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is a meditation technique for busy urban professionals known for it's ability to rest the body and mind to profoundly deep levels. It also decreases stress in the body, and boosts overall levels of health and happiness.

Common Benefits include:

  • Better Sleep
  • Reduction of Stress
  • Normalization of Weight
  • Stronger Immune System Function
  • Increased Happiness
  • More Positive Outlook

How can it help me?

Daily meditation will help you clear your mind and achieve dynamic mental and physical rest, which is the basis for being dynamic in action. Regular practice leads to expanded awareness, refined perceptual acuity and a stronger sense of self, all important when living life at the highest level.

Vedic Meditation


  • Tony Russell, Chicago

    The Vedic Meditation technique I learned through Light Watkins was fantastic. He made it very easy to learn and enjoy. His explanations were very thorough and easily understandable as well. Vedic Meditation is not religious based so you don't have to do anything but listen, learn, meditate, and feel well! I highly recommend it!

  • David Cady Jr, Chicago

    A friend of mine told me about her experience with Light's class and vedic meditation so I though I would give it a try. It's the best decision I've made in while. Light is a great teacher who makes difficult concepts easy to's a life changer!

  • Sarah Rooney, Chicago

    I was introduced to vedic meditation during an extremely busy week for me. I was debating on whether to learn the practice and deprioritize a lot of what was on my schedule or plan to do it during a better time for me. I am SO glad I decided to just go ahead and do it, even though it was not exactly convenient. I since experienced a profound change in myself, I am much more relaxed and clear on my goals and priorities, and I attribute this to my now regular meditation practice. I encourage anyone who is going through the same debate to just take the plunge. You will find its so worth it!

  • Wendy Ginsberg, New York

    I highly recommend Light and vedic meditation to anyone, especially those who think they can't meditate, and even those who do. Light is such a gifted teacher. His knowledge, calmness and sense of humor make the process fun and easy. And, as someone with special physical needs, he made me feel safe and gave me some additional guidance that really helped me through the process. The method is simple yet profound. It is "inclusive" rather than "exclusive", simple and joyful; a simple metaphor for how we can live our lives.

  • Matt O'Toole, Los Angeles

    Light is a fantastic and very patient teacher. I have always been interested in meditation but never found the time to even try. Based on Light's intensive course I am now FASCINATED and EXCITED about the whole process. He explained the practice from every aspect - spiritual, physical, bio-chemical etc and has a great array of analogies which very much helped this student understand and get into the practice.

  • Vivian Monsanto, New York

    As a physician and mother of two young children, I was starting to feel stress taking a toll on my physical well-being. My neck was so tense I was told I needed massages on a regular basis. I decided to look into meditation as a source of stress relief and moved by a desire for spiritual growth. Even with a busy schedule I have not missed a meditation. I never imagined I could make the time for it but Vedic meditation is so simple and yet so powerful. Light is a truly gifted teacher. He has the ability to integrate all this ancient wisdom with a modern lifestyle and make it so logical and effortless. You get support from Light even after the course has ended and he is always available. My neck pain is now gone. Things just do not bother me that much anymore. Anyone looking for self-improvement and happiness should look into Vedic Meditation and the fun and engaging wisdom of Light.

  • Natalia Chydzik, Los Angeles

    Learning meditation with Light felt modern and unpretentious. Thankfully, he handles "consciousness" with dexterity and humor. I had presumed this would require a tremendous effort, but the technique is simplicity personified and the results were far greater than I anticipated. One of the unexpected benefits is being part of this community. It's full of radiant people doing ordinary and not so ordinary things. It is an unexpected gift and pleasure to be part of and to have Light's guidance. It's a little like having your own Obi-Wan Kenobi.