Travel Insurance – Is It Necessary For A Uk-Based Holiday?

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Just over a calendar month ago, my immature human being together with I decided to watch the beautiful metropolis of Edinburgh for our v yr anniversary. We alive inward Dorset, together with then nosotros didn’t desire to pass the whole fourth dimension travelling. To brand the trip easier on ourselves, nosotros decided to wing there, together with used a move agent to organise the calendar week long holiday. Imagine my surprise when I saw an additional £27.50 on the quote for move insurance! We were alone going to Edinburgh, non Pittsburgh!

I was offended that they sentiment nosotros would last together with then stupid every bit to larn move insurance for a trip inside the UK. They lead maintain hospitals inward Edinburgh, together with it truly isn’t real far away. But after on, over a loving cup of hot chocolate, I position roughly to a greater extent than sentiment into it.
Holiday disasters tin dismiss lead house anywhere, non simply abroad – together with then I made a listing of what could feasibly larn wrong:
· One of us could autumn sick earlier nosotros depart, we’d lead maintain no selection but to cancel the trip. The flights together with the hotel were non-refundable, together with then we’d lead maintain to pay anyway.
· My Grandfather has been sick lately, if he got of a precipitous worse than I wouldn’t last able to larn on holiday. Again, the trip would lead maintain to last cancelled.
· Either of us could last called upward for jury service at whatsoever time.
· Flights are delayed together with cancelled all the time. On laissez passer on of the inconvenience, nosotros may postulate to suit an overnight rest close the airport.
· Anything could lead house to our luggage, airlines unloosen suitcases all the time.
· My immature human being bought me a wonderful digital photographic idiot box camera every bit a present, if I lost it, it would last real expensive to replace.
Hang on a minute, what virtually our Home & Contents insurance policy? I bet that would comprehend us for loss of luggage or my photographic idiot box camera every bit long every bit I was inward the UK. I institute the policy together with read the pocket-size print. No such luck, alone ‘personal possessions’ that were listed on the policy counted, together with then everything inward the luggage wouldn’t last covered, together with I’d postulate to brand a telephone telephone weep upward to larn the photographic idiot box camera included on the policy.
I remembered something else – nosotros had over four years of no claims discount on our Home & Contents policy. If nosotros had to brand a claim, we’d unloosen the no claims discount. Our premiums would larn heaven high after that, they were already high plenty every bit it is, at £305 a year. I realised that I truly should expect for a cheaper Home & Contents policy at the fourth dimension of renewal, together with promised myself to create that inward future.
After the investigations I had made together with then far, I realised that £27.50 for a move policy wasn’t truly likewise bad.
I’ve never been ane to balance on my honour though. I mightiness lead maintain decided that move insurance was a skillful idea, but it didn’t hateful I was willing to convey the toll quoted past times the move agent.
I went online to larn roughly to a greater extent than quotes. The kickoff 2 or 3 sites I looked at couldn’t give me what I wanted, but 10 minutes later, I struck gold. I institute a unmarried trip move policy for the UK, together with it was a skillful £10 cheaper than the move agent’s quote.
I read the pocket-size print, no signal signing upward without knowing all the facts. I was pleased to encounter all the points I had listed were covered.
Now the exclusions – was it all likewise skillful to last truthful after all? Phew – no postulate to worry. If the vacation was less than 25 miles from our abode address, or for less than 2 nights, than nosotros wouldn’t last covered. No occupation there. Otherwise the alone downside was that we’d lead maintain to pay the £30 if nosotros needed to brand a claim. Fair enough.
Happy alongside the policy I’d institute together with alongside the determination that nosotros did postulate move insurance after all, I bought the move insurance policy in that location together with than.